I know I am not the brightest nor the prettiest. I am however sensitive, carrying, loving and down to earth. I know what I’m taking about when I speak. I do actually think before the words tumble from my lips.

I do what I can to help. I make sure everyone has what they need, what they want and extra to spare.

I love God, I love Jesus. I love my husband, I love my kids, I love my life.

So why is it I am the one that cannot escape the blame? When it all starts to go downhill and things get sideways, why am I the one people first think to place blame on?

The oldest of three, still treated as if I’m twelve.

I understand it is easier to blame someone than to figure out what really happened. I also understand that I have made mistakes in my past, much like everyone who has ever graced the earth. The only exception to that being Jesus.

I guess that’s just it, I’ve made mistakes and it’s easier to blame me for whatever ails you than to find out the truth.


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